2 person combat tent

This tent utilizes a symmetrical design with same length poles allowing for quick assembly. Added side access points allow for weapon firing in all directions.

Rapid access first aid

A new first aid kit design giving medics a more organized arrangement as well as quicker access to their equipment.

Knee pads

Patent pending adjustable integrated knee pad design.

combat PANTS

Pant concept with integrated knee pads.

Medical Kits

This revolutionary first aid kit utilizes transparent compartments along with a middle sleeve of storage to allow for maximum storage and ease of locating the needed item.

New Ballistic Materials

Patent pending ballistic fabric design.

Self attaching towel

This towel attaches to itself allowing for a consistent hold. A zipper at the top also allows the towel to be draped over the headrest of an automobile's seat.


A ballistic protective undergarment design for the U.S. Army.

Combat shirt

Shirt concept with integrated shoulder and arm protection.


Tactical Armor Vests

are some of the most complex garments ever created! Our designs need to provide effective protective coverage, comfort, ergonomic agility, easy modular access to critical communications and equipment while providing durability for everyday use. Working with the talented team at Protech, we developed best in class armor.

RPM Vest

This vest set a standard for low profile and maximum comfort in high speed tactical operations.

Transformer Armor System

utilizes straps that press the armor to the body for a more secure fit. It also includes changeable socks that can be laundered. Featured in multiple magazines, Transformer is the hot new armor for officers across the country.

Integrated base layer

Advanced Protective Base Layer Garment concept. Integrates electronics, cooling systems and ballistic protection.


Prototype vest utilizing TRILOGRID.


CAMP7 was one of the leading designers of sleeping bags, acquiring widespread praise and awards from many critics.


Ground breaking pack design that set the standard for expedition packs in the mid 1990s.

car Covers

One of our designers developed a new way to quickly and easily create a pattern for any make or model of car.


Patented low profile, simple to use MOLLE replacement.

Out of the box

This unique ergonomic glove pattern reduces bulky seams in the fingers and allows touch pad sensitive palm leather to wrap around finger tips.

AdvanceD technology for sports, military, medical, fashion



CAMP7 is skilled in creating avatars and story boarding for many types of needs.

Hockey pants

One of our designers created an industry defining style in roller hockey culture.

Multi layer protection

Ballistic protection utilizing multiple layers.

TALOS Leg armor

Concept design for TALOS leg protection with skeletal frame for bionic integration.

Neck pillows

A designer at CAMP7 designed one of the most widely produced neck pillows in the industry.

Knee pad

Knee pad design utilizing a fit to leg, non-slip structure.

Ski jackets

CAMP7 has developed many different types of winter and extreme weather condition jackets.


CAMP7 holds many U.S. as well as international patents spanning many different areas.